Five Year Career Development Plan

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Five-Year Career Development Plan

Ismael Cruz

University of Phoenix


Instructor: Dr. Wilkins


Five-Year Career Development Plan

Life as an adult requires planning for school, family, and career, since no one hands out a guide as to how life will turn out. This career development plan spans over the next five years, which is comprised of education and entrepreneurship, outlines the goals and objectives, job satisfaction attributes, competencies, job experiences, training education, and mentoring. In addition, a brief description of the role the organization will play during this process, a timeline when every goal may be accomplished, and the design of the overall plan, when skill set projections are unclear or unknown. If opportunities will shape the development of the plan, such factors can determine the practicality of the plan, which can be either by design or by accident, and further offer the most satisfaction considering the work environment attributes.

Goals and Objectives

Career goals are based on the completion of my Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) degree, which is schedule to take place in January 2013. Since my Bachelor’s degree is in criminal justice, the initial plan was to work within the criminal justice system, but due to my injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident in October 2006, and with my physical limitation, making it through the academy would be impossible. After contemplating a broader field of employability, my new focus shifted to working in the administration of any field of criminal justice, but with more focus on the court system or corrections. Although, some negative influences overshadow minorities to getting into a field of criminal justice, as an administrator, further education may be the key to overcoming such obstacles (Berget, Reynolds, Ricci, Quinn, Mawson, Payton, & Thomas, 2010).

The career objectives are to work, primarily, in an administrative position in a state or...