Writings of Jose Rizal

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Rizal is widely known not only for his genius and versatility but also for his great respect to his parents and his thoughtfulness for the other members of his family.

My dear Parents, Brothers, and Sisters:

The love I have always borne you dictate the step I am about to take. Only the future will show whether it is well and wisely taken or not. Whatever may be the result, it can, it should, be said that it was my sense of duty that forced me to act. Should I perish in what I contemplate doing, that will make, should make, no difference.

I know I have caused you one and all to suffer much, but I do not repent having done so; and should it be given me to begin my life all over again, I would not change my conduct. It has all been inspired by my appreciation of my duty. I am starting now, and gladly, to expose my life to perils and to the dangers that may be awaiting me not as an expiation of my faults, for in this direction at least I do not think I have committed any, but I am going to crown my work, to bear witness by personal example, to the truth of that which I have always preached.

A man should die for his convictions and in the performance of his duty as he sees it. I beg you to believe that I stll maintain all the ideas which I have proclaimed in regard to the present state and the future of my country, and I shall gladly die for my country - more gladly still if I might thereby secure for you all the justice and tranquility which has been wanting.

It is indeed with pleasure that I risk my life to save so many innocents, so many nephews and nieces, to safeguard the children of friends as well as the children of those who are not my friends but who have been or are now suffering for me. For what am I? A lone, single man almost without family and quite without illusions as to life. I have suffered many deceptions, and what the...

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