Health Care Policy, Law and Ethics – Hsa515

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Health Care Policy, Law and Ethics – HSA515

Student Course Guide

Prerequisite: None

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Showalter, J. S. (2008). The law of healthcare administration (5th ed.). Chicago: Health

Administration Press.


The following resources provide additional background and supporting information for this

course. There is no need to purchase these items for the course.

American Hospital Association: A Patient’s Bill of Rights

Fortenberry, J. L. (2010). Health care marketing (3rd ed). Boston: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

Furrow, B. R., et al. (2001). Bioethics: Health care law and ethics. St. Paul: West Publishing.

Healthy People 2010.

Mclughlin, C. P., & Mclughlin, C. D. Health Policy Analysis: An interdisciplinary approach.

Boston: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

Rural Healthy People 2010: A Companion Document for Rural Areas

State Government Healthy People Plans


Surveys the legal environment of the health services industry from a policy perspective, with

emphasis on the tensions and trade-offs between quality and cost. Uses case law, statutory and

regulatory analysis, and trends in health services delivery law to focus on the overall legal

relationships among physicians, personnel, patients, and health care institutions. Topics include

access to health care, antitrust law, personnel licensure and institutional accreditation,

malpractice, professional and institutional liability, cost containment regulation and cost

controls in government programs. Also discusses the philosophical and managerial implications

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of ethical issues...