Medical Ethics

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Medical Ethics

Ethics in the medical field have many issues that doctors and medical professionals face everyday like does the good of a treatment outweigh the bad of the treatment. The argumentative problem that exists in ethics is what is considered ethical and what is not ethical; in most people’s eye ethics are the medical professional’s opinion but that is not the case in todays society. To help these professionals decipher what is good and bad for a patient based upon the patients needs and wants while in a medical facility, a board of medical professionals created a code of ethics that outlines what medical personnel should do based on situations and patient wants. Even with these basic codes in place to help ease ethical issues, doctors often find themselves having to break some codes to use other codes, which makes the doctors job on using the right ethical code a very difficult job.

Ethics have been in the medical field since ancient times, they have wonder what the right thing was to do versus what shouldn’t be done to help people that needed medical attention. In historical ethics doctors basically had one ethic code to follow and that was to do what ever the patient needed done to help them to recover from their injury and/or disease. This code was not well accepted until the Middle Ages when Christian beliefs were tied to medical ethics. Giving the ethic a better name for itself in saying that it is what would do with a Christian belief. Modern Ages the codes began to change especially with the creation of American Medical Association (AMA). Part of the changing of the codes was that doctors not only had the patients well being in their hands but also what would best for humanity based on what the patient has wrong with them. Like if a patient had a life threatening disease that could be transmitted to others easily would have to quarantine away from others and not allowed to be around the general public to keep from having a possible...

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