Xbox Strategy

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Xbox Strategy

A. Connection to Lecture

In class 1, we discussed the power of the situation and in particular, how simple organizational changes can improve productiveness. What similar situational factors increase or decrease your own productivity or the productivity of people in your organization? Develop a concrete strategy to increase your own or others’ productivity by changing a single factor.

B. Response to Readings

List the main principles that make information sticky. List one question that came to your mind and that you wish to discuss while reading these principles.

Simplicity, unexpectedness, concreteness, credibility and emotions make the main principles to make information sticky.

How universal are these principles in the variety of scenarios and contexts we encounter in our lives?

C. Connection to Readings.

I would like you to apply the concepts in this “Made to Stick” to the kind of information we receive about other people that enables us to evaluate them—be they coworkers, competitors, clients, or employees. The "Made to Stick" book suggests that certain kinds of information are going to fare better in the marketplace of ideas than other kinds of information. What implications does this have for the kinds of information (e.g., stories) we are likely to hear about other people? Take one of the principles of stickiness discussed by the authors and try to remember a time when either you or another person did something that illustrates this principle of stickiness in your own work life. Think about how this sticky action influenced other people’s impressions of you, or how another person’s sticky action influenced your impression of them. Did it lead you or others to ignore other information or actions that could have also influenced impressions?