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Main Body

My collaboration and contribution

Team collaboration共同研究and interactions互相影響

Team collaboration aroused by team members getting together for sharing knowledge, experience and skills in order to perform well for a task. We trust and respect one another. Moreover, we do communicate openly and willing to accept input from others. We all have strong beliefs in scored high during the competition. The key to the win-win approach is to creatively search for solutions that can mutually satisfy the needs of the team.

My strengths and weakness

Strengths are that you are motivated to learn, adapt, be reliable and competent within the scope of a particular vocation.

When asked about weaknesses, say something like "I'm not overly fond of filing."

My favorite 'weakness' is telling interviewers that I will sometimes work late if the workload is heavy, which isn't really a weakness at all.

What I have learnt

How I have improved as a effective team member.

• 1 As part of a team, it is not all about me and what I want and need. Therefore I need to be adaptable and open to change, so I do listen to my teammates’ opinions being compromise each other during decision making.

• 2 Train myself to be dependable so that my teammates rely me. I need to function myself as an asset for our team, not a liability. Therefore I do get well prepared myself for going through the capsim materials before the lesson.

• 3 Lend a helping hand to my teammates. Never be selfish when I am on a team. If I notice that my teammate is trying his hardest and still needs my help, I do not hesitate to help. The overall well-being of the team is in your best interest.

• 4 Believe in our goal. Remember why I am part of the team. Ask myself what the primary objective and vision of the team is.

• 5 I am willing to listen and want to find out how to do better. If I can, I will inform someone constructively on how I think he could be doing something better.

• 6...