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The TV Purchase Decision

1. It is a common thing to find an increasing No of offrs scouting around for large screen TVs to either replace or supplement their existing CRT TVs. More often than not, there are heated discussions on the type of TVs that one should buy to keep abreast with the latest tech so that, what one buys today doesn’t become obsolete within 6 mths.

2. Even though there are some reservations about the availability of sufficient 3D content to watch, now seems like a great time for anyone who has been considering whether to buy a 3D TV to jump in. But if you are venturing into the world of 3D TVs for the first time you are going to find that it's not a particularly straightforward one. There are multiple manufacturers, models, sizes, display types, and a wide variation in prices. So, let’s look at the latest buzz in the market i.e. the 3D TV & try to understand its technology as well as the intricacies so as to reach an informed decision.

The Technology

3. We need to start at one of the areas of 3D TVs that is the most critical to understand, so let’s tackle the technologies. Watching 3D TV requires the viewer to wear glasses, and will do until no glasses 3D TVs become commercially available. 3D TV without glasses is still some way off, and though there are models under development it could be years before one is available at the quality levels and price points of current with glasses models. So when we look at the technology used in 3D TVs the choice you face is between active shutter and passive models.

4. Passive models are a fairly new innovation, with LG Electronics causing a shake up in the market with the recent release of their LG Cinema 3D TV range. The passive 3D glasses are lightweight and cheap to buy, in fact very similar to the ones you get at the cinema. LG claim their new sets are flicker free and have significantly reduced ghosting, two of the problems which have traditionally affected the better known...