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January 9, 2012

Unv-103 University Success

Module 5 Journal

Student and Instructor Roles

My responsibility as a student at GCU is to manage my time precisely. By setting up a schedule and following it day by day I can pursue this goal. I am responsible for all actions taken place within my boundaries. I am the only one with my password, so no one else has access to my account; therefore I am responsible for all assignments being turned in on time. My instructors are to hopefully provide me with a syllabus as well as expectations for the class, points possible for each assignment and when each one is due. I also know that I can turn to the instructor with any questions or concerns. If I have a problem the instructors email is available as well as a phone number. My biggest responsibility as a student at GCU is to prioritize. Completing my degree at GCU is at the top of my list because it is very important to me and knows I must complete classes to achieve and be able to receive my degree as a teacher. I know as I go through my courses at GCU I will come upon some difficulties and may struggle with a few assignments but I do know that I can rely on my classmates as well as instructors to help me out. I’m so glad that I chose GCU and am happy with the amount of resources that the University make available to us students.