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. Introduction to the project


1.1 Description


In the last years our society developed more and more towards a professional oriented society, in which the importance of the people’s jobs plays an essential role in their life. Due to the fact that the emancipation of women’s is increased over the last century, the biggest number of mans and women’s living in a household are full time workers. This assumption leads to the suggestion that in most cases people living in one household have less free time than in the past.


Due to the above described conditions people want to enjoy their free time more than in the past, because it is more scares. Because of this, consumer habits have changed over the last years and the economy has to develop a strategy which has a positive impact on their purchasing power, without a bigger lack of free time.


Furthermore our society is developing more and more towards a fully technologized society, in which the customer has the possibility through the internet to make his purchases 24 hours a day without taking care of store opening times. Due to this fact big stores develop more and more new strategies for keeping their customers, like longer opening times, better service or a bigger number of self-service pay stations in order to save the customer’s time. Due to this facts our project team decided to create a new device to help customers in supermarkets, where they have to make their daily purchases.


Our project has the name GPSHOP and it consist of a navigation system for supermarket trolleys, which is designed to help customers in finding products without asking supermarket employees. The navigation system navigates customers through the supermarket, proposing special offers and in the same way navigating him to the product he wants. Furthermore the system saves the customer’s usual purchasing habits, through a loyalty card, facilitating his shopping. Our project is designed as a new way to save the customer’s time...