Food Intake

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The nutrients that are found in foods that we consume will shape and sustain the structure of our bodies and we truly are what we eat. The challenge of this is to find a pleasing balance between the foods that we like to eat and the foods that enrich our health. The foods that we choose to establish the nutrients we consume are usually not filled with nutrient concentration. Foods that are less processed will have a higher nutrient content (Vitamins, 2010-2011). Almost all foods that we purchase and consume have some sort of supplements in one form or another. Supplements will offer nutrients to the body but they will not supply all the food benefits. There are some foods that provide health benefits that will extend beyond the basic nutrition due to all of the complex mixtures of nutrients and any other chemicals they contain which are known as functional foods (Vitamins, 2010-2011). Each day we ask ourselves, what do I eat today? Due to many different reasons such as lack of funds, time, and that fast food is more convenient, we tend to make the wrong food choices throughout the day.

The three days that I recorded my diet included many of the recommended DRI from each of the food groups. My record protein, carbohydrate, and lipids intake for the three days was pretty decent. My intake of carbohydrates and protein was within the recommended DRI; however, my fat intake was under the acceptable intake recommended by DRI for an adult female my age. For breakfast I had a bowl of maple and brown sugar oatmeal. My carbohydrate intake was high for this meal; however, my fat intake was low. My protein intake was right on point for the recommended intake. This meal may have not been full of the most nutrients but it was acceptable but I could lower the amount of carbohydrate intake. For lunch my diet consisted of string cheese, yogurt, and an apple. My intake of carbohydrates was high again and my fat intake was low again as well. My protein...