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Johnny Rockets


Johnny Rockets

In the 1950s diners were a common sight, and they were the hangout point for many high school students during those times. The restaurant chain Johnny Rockets wishes to recreate this era in history; through a vintage look, welcoming atmosphere, delicious food/drinks, and family friendly entertainment. It is this reason that this restaurant is a place that anyone should visit and recommend to their friends or family.

When one walks through the double doors of a Johnny Rockets, they are greeted by a friendly and inviting atmosphere. Everyone from the cook behind the grill to the various serving staff bustling around always has a smile on their face. They are always eager to help in any way to make your stay at their restaurant one you will remember. Whether that be to make a little smiley face with the ketchup on a small plate that they hand to you; or the staff perform a song and dance number for your entertainment, singing into a ketchup bottle as if it were a microphone.

If the staff didn’t ‘wow’ you with their theatrics, then the vintage look will. One look around the place and one can think they are back in the 1940s-50s. Decorating the walls are vintage Coca-Cola posters, and classic ‘Poster-girl’ style artwork. At each booth is a working nickel jukebox, which anyone can use and listen to the songs of the era. Even the staff is dressed as if they were from the 40s. Johnny Rockets really nails the classic diner look, each separate piece coming together to a masterpiece that is Johnny Rockets.

Now the pièce de résistance is their food. Prepared in the open, the smell of the beef cooking on the grill fills the entire establishment and sets into motion that which is Johnny Rockets. The defining item is, of course, their malts. Prepared in a large silver cup, they are made by hand and delivered in the traditional large fluke like cup. Not only does the server give you the glass, they also leave the metal mixing cup...