Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management is the process of developing , applying and evaluating policies , procedures, methods and programs relating to the individual in the organization . Human resource management includes Human Resource Planning , recruiting , selection , training and development, compensation , performance management and employee development. Effective human resource practices relate to company performance by contributing to employee and customer satisfaction , innovation , productivity , and development of a favorable reputation of the firm in the industry. Human resources management includes a variety of activities , and among them is deciding what staffing needs an organization has and whether to use independent contractors or hire employees to fill these needs , recruiting and training the best employees , ensuring they are high performers , dealing with performance issues and ensuring the personnel and management practices conforms to various regulations. Activities also include managing their approach to employee benefits and compensation, employee record and personnel policies.HRM practices have shown to be valuable to any company’s success. Thus to be successful in a global market place, the challenge for all businesses regardless of size is to invest in human resources. They need to select and retain talented employees, undertake employee training and development programs and dismantle traditional bureaucratic structures that limit employee’s ability to be innovative and creative. Thus in today’s organizations, the use of Strategic Human Resource Management information is to help set agree-upon performance goals, allocate and prioritize resources, inform managers to either confirm or change current policy or program directions to meet those goals , and report on the success in meeting those goals.