Eat2Eat Case Analysis

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1. How to increase the profitability of the company

Cause: has more expenses than revenues in the past five years

Consequence: will incur losses year after year and eventually shut down

Important and urgent: It is losing money under the current business model

2. How to raise additional capital

Cause: has incurred losses more than the initial investment and need capital to keep the business running

Consequence: may have to be shut down soon if there is no additional capital

Important and very urgent: It needs money as soon as possible to keep the business running

3. How to better manage time

Cause: lack of employees to manage day-to-day operations

Consequence: no time to make decision on strategic development and promotional activities to make Eat2Eat more efficient and stop the business from expanding.

Important and urgent: The company structure will strongly affect the profitability of the company

4. How to promote the website

Cause: Aggarwal cannot decide which alternative marketing events to focus in

Consequence: will waste money on ineffective marketing actions, which cannot help increasing revenue

Important and less urgent: It is an opportunity to increase sales


As a online reservation website and program, is currently facing stagnant growth after five years of operations in their target region. Although the company is operating at a net loss of $207,000 (Appendix F) throughout five years, has created much positive publicity from well known communication channels. Presently,’s main concern is figuring out a way to gain initial capital to continue with their operation and increase its database of suppliers and buyers within its target market.

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