Systems Analysis and Design

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Case Study 2: Application Architecture

Dwayne D. Jones Sr.

Dr Robert Joseph

Systems Analysis and Design CIS 210

28 May 2012

Architecture used

The type of architecture used in the payroll system is explained as following:


The PAYROLL system should support multiple concurrent user activities. The users from different locations will remain connected to the server via network throughout the day.


The system must be highly scalable. Different modules will be included in the proposed PAYROLL application. The system must have the provisions for new application modules to be incorporated into the system with minimum changes to the existing application parts. Change in business rules, database structure or the user interfaces may be done affecting only the pertaining sections. Thus the system will be highly resilient and stable to future changes.


Performance is another major issue for the PAYROLL product. The user interfaces for the PAYROLL product will be rich in graphics content that makes it both user-friendly and network resource hungry thereby degrading the overall system performance. The PAYROLL architecture designed in a way so as to reduce this performance bottleneck as much as possible. The PAYROLL system will be deployed over the Internet/ Intranet and utmost care has to be taken to reduce network traffic and server hits.

Proper communication methodologies with the objective of minimizing simultaneous connection to the server and also minimizing the network traffic should be devised and optimized for performance.


Application security is one of the most challenging aspects of network security. Application-level security will ensure that PAYROLL application interacts with end users only in ways that the administrator will intend to. Application-level security will focus on preventing the unauthorized use of resources and PAYROLL information. User can able to enter the system by Login the application through...