Professional Career Action Plan

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Professional Career Action Plan


Jodie L Jarosyk

HCS 449

Tionna Jenkins

June 25, 2012

Professional Career Action Plan


By completing the Healthcare Administration program at the University of Phoenix, many doors have opened for me, and many other career options will be possible. In order to reach professional success, it is vital for every graduate to have a professional career action plan. This paper is about my career goals and the process I must follow to achieve my goals. I also will discuss the skills in which I possess that allowed me to have the job I currently occupy, and how to obtain the skills and qualifications I need to acquire the position I am truly seeking. Services are available to assist me in my quest for my desired career in the ways of continuing education, internships, and mentoring programs, which will also be conferred in this paper.

When I received my associates degree in healthcare administration, I was able to qualify for a position as an administrator's assistant for a cardiology office. When I first began my career, I was trained to work directly with the patients in a clinical setting, as well as trained in clerical office duties. At this point, I perform solely clerical tasks, for example, scheduling and office billing. I found that I am more fond of clinical practices than I am of paperwork, so it came to my attention that I must change my outlook on my future and make some adjustments to my goal planning. Rather than doing clerical duties alone, I would enjoy a position where I could use my cardiac knowledge and experience to become a cardiovascular technologist. Through the use of radiological imaging, a cardiovascular technologist assists the cardiologist in the diagnosis of Coronary artery disease and peripheral vascular diseases. There are both invasive and non-invasive techniques in diagnosis that a technologist must be trained in. Heart catheterization is an invasive procedure...