Police Functions

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Policing Functions Paper
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Policing Functions
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Police Functions
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Policing Functions Paper
required from them. As stated in this paper it has examined the various perspectives of the policing function from the local, state, and federal organizational level

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Policing Functions

Emalene Smith

CJA 394

July 30, 2012

Policing Functions

Policing as a whole has without a doubt came a long way when it first started back in Boston of 1838, but the first law enforcement agency was in New York City’s Sheriff’s Office in 1626. As we take journey back in time before we knew of any police officers or law enforcement that carried a badge it was up to the husbands to do the punishing’s in a family. In the Colonial times between the years 1700-1800, there were many differences between a man and a woman. For example, young girls between the ages of 13 or 14 were often to be married. In Colonial times, this meant that a women’s rights were given up they were not a loud to vote, have money or any kind of property to own.

Husbands could legally beat their wives, if a woman ran away from her husband she would be considered a thief because she was stealing the clothes that she was wearing and herself. Back then, as you have read the crimes against a woman were far too harsh being that if a woman murdered someone like her husband that she would be buried alive. Since times have changed, we do not hear about these types of crimes where the man has a right to punish their “property” when they, feel as thou the woman has done something wrong. Now we have to depend on the police and their main functions of policing to help those that need it in different local, state and federal places.

When looking into policing as a whole we see that there are so much more officers that are dedicated, detectives, CIA, FBI and homeland security then in the past decades. With having so many dedicated people working with the criminal justice system, it has been improving ever since then. With all the new technology that has been happening over the past few decades it has been showing us that policing in the past, present and future has had and still has many different perspectives and methods of police functions. These certain functions branch down...

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