Memories of People

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Memories of people

The very first person that I do know is myself. Many don’t know more about me, some are critical about me, the way I act, the way I talk, and the way I laugh. That’s what I hate about other people, critical about other people but blind when it comes to themselves. I cannot say that I am a perfect person to judge all of the actions about other people. Though I hear lots of critics behind me, I just listened and accept my wrong, I just listened and apply what I have learned from that critics coz I know that others just want to correct the wrong that I have done.

I don’t let anger grow in my heart to anybody, whether they apologized or not I have already forgiven them because it’s hard in the feeling that you are angry to someone especially when you are together the whole day especially when it comes to family or friends or even classmates. All I want is to be happy with my loveones and spend more time to each other before it’s too late. I always want to make them feel that they’re important to me and how I valued them. I want to be always with my parents, I do not know why, I just do.

I love playing piano, reading books/bibles, surfing internet, watching television, playing games, texting, eating etc. during my free hours particularly after school hours. I always want something new in my daily life; I don’t want one of my days to be boring and stock from feeling bad.

I want to be treated how I treated my neighbors; I want to be loved, to be respected and to be wanted how I loved, respected, and wanted them. If there is something that I don’t like, I don’t want to be pleased by someone, I just want them to let me do what they wanted me to do with willingness. I am feeling blessed about all the things that I have right now, the place where I am now. I am very thankful to God that He gave me countless blessings, it’s all from God so as payment to all of these, praising, being faithful, adoring and loving Him is all I can do and give as...