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days prior to the action. Employers must provide to each affected employee written WARN notice, regardless of whether a union represents that employee. In addition
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communication is more explicit and precise in the sense that when the subordinate receives the written warning letter he/she is able to check in the company handbook
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became more worried about the situation, it was decided to express the concerns in a form of a written warning. Along with Bulgaria, East Germany, Hungary and Poland
madeĀ—his blood congeals, for example, preventing him from signing the compact, and a written warning telling him to fly away appears on his arm. Sometimes Faustus

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Dear _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Reason for not performing: Late Coming Lack of Training Poor Attendance Attitude Lack of Experience Personal Problems

1. This letter is a Written Warning for unsatisfactory job performance. Over the past three months I have been concerned about the adequacy of your job performance.

Specifically: 2. [Set out the specific performance problems.

Names, dates,

policies, amount, whatever information is necessary so that the person receiving the warning knows precisely what the performance problems are. If there is more than 1 performance problem, set them out in numerical order.]

When we met to discuss your performance, 3. [Whatever occurred during this discussion?]

You will need to make the following corrections in order to bring your performance to a satisfactory level: 4. [Here is where you set out exactly what the employee needs to do to achieve satisfactory performance. Be as specific as possible.]

During the next 5.

[Period of time to demonstrate improved performance.

Depending on the performance, this period may be from 2 to 8 weeks], you must bring your performance to the satisfactory level. If you do not make the

necessary job performance corrections we will consider further disciplinary action. Page 1 of 2

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A copy of this Written Warning will be placed on your personal file.

______ _______ Manager 18 June 2009

I have received the above Written Warning and understand its consequences.

______________ Employee 18 June 2009

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Johann De Beer: C:\Documents and Settings\debi\My Documents

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