Ambulansyang de Paa

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Jules Gareel B. Cacar BSA-2I September 4, 2012

Ambulansyang de Paa

Providing a health care is very important especially during emergency case, but still there were some communities are lacking of health needs just like I’ve watch in the documentation of I-Witness Ambulansyang de Paa by Kara David, wherein people in urban area don’t have enough facilities like near health center to each group of community to sustain the community’s health needs, those people who lives near mountains have to go down to towns for health consultation, they have to walk for three to four hours just to go down from the mountain and if luckily they reached the dump truck at the road they can go to the health center easily but if not they will again walk for another 3 hours to go to the health center. According to the community they are walking for long hours lifting the patients with the use of “duyan” for free, 3 to four hours of walking is still long hours to save a patient’s life especially emergency case, and according to them they have nothing to do with it that’s how it goes, sometimes while on the road patient’s already dead. And that’s the saddest part wherein you want to save a person’s life but you can’t because of financial problem, lack of services, equipments, medicines and many more.

In addition to this, even physiological needs like, food is lacking that is why many of the people in their community are malnourished because they are not eating that are rich in vitamins. I think the community must have also the knowledge about health related problems, like sanitation, being conscious to their health, herbal medicines, and simple preventive measures of disease like proper hand washing, also family planning and the importance of health. With these knowledge they will able to prevent or even decrease the morbidity and mortality rate of one particular community, though health centers are far from the community well at least on their own they did their part to...

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