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Opus College of Business Mission

Inspired by Catholic intellectual tradition, the Opus College of Business develops effective, principled business leaders who think globally, act ethically and create enduring value for society.


|COURSE TITLE: |Business Ethics |

| |BETH 301-02 |

|COURSE DESCRIPTION: |This course will enhance the student's ability to recognize, understand, and express the ethical dimensions of |

| |the situations and decisions they may expect to face as professionals. It will provide the knowledge essential to|

| |making sound decisions in business and seek to develop the skills and commitments required to navigate complex |

| |ethical issues successfully. |

|CLASS MEETS: |MW 3:15-4:55pm |

|LOCATION: |TMH 301, Minneapolis |

|OFFICE HOURS: |Mondays & Wednesdays 12:00-1:00pm and by appointment |

|INSTRUCTOR: |Dawn R. Elm |

| |TMH 343R |

| |1000 LaSalle Avenue...

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