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Flowchart Process 2

Preparing Dinner

Throughout the day each person has several processes they use to get through the day. Such tasks are time consuming and often times redundant. I will analyze my flowchart of preparing for dinner. I will describe each step of my process design. “Flow charts are easy-to-understand diagrams showing how steps in a process fit together. The act of mapping a process out in flow chart format helps you clarify your understanding of the process, and helps you think about where the process can be improved” (Chase, Jacobs & Aquilano, p 158). By using a flowchart design I will attempt to make this process as efficient as possible while saving some time along the way.

Step 1 I must decide what to cook.

Step 2 I then must defrost the items to be cooked.

Step 3 I then must begin cooking food. But this is divided into multistages. Season and cook meat. Then the vegetables and starch must be prepared

Step 4 Wait time for food to cook.

Step 5 Food is done and ready to serve.

Factors that affect my process design of preparing dinner are:

1. If I took out meat the night before to defrost?

2. If Im using fresh vegetables that need to be cut or from a can or freezer bag?

3. The window of time I have available to prepare dinner before, school or some type of class/rehearsal/ sons sports event?

These are 3 very large factors when preparing my meal and the time allotted for this preparation.

Identify Metric to measure process

There are several measures of process Metrics but the obvious one would be “Time Unit and “Operation time”which would probably work hand and hand.

Data Collected for Time unit

On Sunday i cooked 2 meals for the week.

Meal 1 7 bone roast w/Rosemary potatoes and corn on the cob

Meal 2 Cajun chicken alfredo and broccoli

For meal 1: I took out meat on Saturday nite so I was able to immediately strart preparation.