1. Compare & Contrast Deming, Crosby & Juran’s Idea of Quality This 3 Quality Have Their Specific Part of the Operation They Concentrate. but First Let Me Explain 3 of This Quality.

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First Deming quality, Deming at first was defined as “new Statistical thinking and methods in manufacturing”. And after the pass years later, it is “system of Profound Knowledge”. Like all description, Deming uses cycle. Which also call PDCA cycle Deming cycle consist of Plan, Do, Act, Check (PDCA). Plan; change to the process to adept the situation later on. In another word mean planning ahead before anything happen and predict what will happen. Next is Do, Do as in implement. Implement regardless of scale. The slightest scale could change the operation. Check, study the result that carries out in the operation. Check whether if there any happen after certain change. Deming 14 points to cut it short I would summarize it. Deming 14 point mostly stated that operation always have issue and worker tends to have problem there is always problem which the management need to fix and also increase the worker efficient through fear by increase the standard and company goal.

Crosby quality which created by Philip B Crosby’s, Crosby quality is defined as conformance to requirements. In order to have quality, system of quality is prevention. Having zero defects. Using Crosby theory it will benefit company, the characteristics are people do thing right routinely, growth is profitable and steady, customer needs are anticipated, change is planned and managed, people are proud to work there. Philip has 14 points, its lengthy I will summarize it. Crosby 14 point is all about committed to quality and having zero defects day which create awareness for the employee about change. It 14 point also consist of encourage employee achieve company goal or individual goals. And also held training for worker. Crosby quality 14 point it’s all about managed the employee and concentrates on zero defects. Keeping the employee well motivated and happy

Lastly Juran’s , Jurans teory its all about 3 Q which is Quality planning, Quality Control, Quality Improvement. Juran’s have 2 type of cost,...