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Industry Selection Assignment

I would like to research the airline industry, and majoring in United Continental Holdings (UCH), which is currently the largest airline in the world (IBISWorld, 2012). I think airplane becomes a popular transportation because it makes people’s trip fast and convenient. As a result, due to the popularity of airplanes, I decide to research the airline industry.

First and foremost, the airline industry has two important components which are domestic airlines and international airlines, so the airline companies need to deal with people not only inside their countries but in other countries. According to Samadi N., the largest source of revenue comes from inbound tourists, with world GDP growth having picked up since 2010 (IBISWorld, 2012).

Furthermore, the airline industry has many opportunities that it takes shorter time to travel a long distance trip, and it makes people’s trips convenient and safe. However, it also has problems that may influence their industry. According to Samadi N., due to the increase of oil prices, many airlines will put downward pressure on airfare; they reduce their revenue in order to benefit customers (IBISWorld, 2012). In addition, many airlines start to lay off employees due to the increase of prime cost.

In conclusion, after doing the prime research of the airline industry, I found that this is an interesting topic to research. I will do more research to analysis this industry, such as its history, markets, opportunities and problems.


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