Should Lesbians Serve in the Us Army National Guard?

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Should Lesbians Serve in the US Army National Guard?

Bry Johnson

Shawnee State University

Professor Richards

English 1105

Section 17

May 6, 2011


It is a difficult when it comes down to a lesbian deciding if she should join the United States Army National Guard or not. There are endless benefits waiting to be reaped that are nearly impossible to find outside of the military. The question boils down to if those benefits are worth abiding by the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. Not only do lesbians have to keep their sexual orientation a secret, but they also go through service hiding their family and loved ones. The military invades in their personal life and all it takes is one slip up for an individual’s sexual orientation to be made public and a discharge will be waiting around the corner. Now the question is, should lesbians join the National Guard?

Should lesbians hide their true identity to serve their country, or should they simply give up because people judge them differently? Many people take high pride in the opportunity to serve their county while involved in any branch of the United States Military. An ongoing issue is faced as to whether lesbians should obtain the same rights as heterosexuals in the military and if they don’t, should they continue to serve under the obligation of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT). DADT in short states, “Don't ask about sexual orientation. Don't investigate sexual orientation, except in specific circumstances in limited ways. Don't harass. Don't tolerate harassment based on perceived sexual orientation” (Feldblum, C., n.d.). Although lesbians face being discharged if they openly admit their sexual orientation, there are priceless benefits that come along with the National Guard that they can pursue while abiding by DADT.

A good question to begin with is what exactly does the Army National Guard do? “The National Guard serves both state and federal governments....