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Master in Business Administration

International Management


Business Case: LG Electronics – Global Strategy in Emerging Markets

Frederico Brimbela

(Student number 1706797)

December 2011

Introduction and Terms of reference

The outcome of this briefing is to summarize to the LG board what are the key issues for the implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP System) in the organization as a Resource and not as an IT Solution.

This report will start by critically evaluate the importance of using an ERP Solution in the business, it will explain how information Resource might provide LG with a source of sustainable and competitive advantage, by taking into consideration the right balance between advantages and disadvantages from this Solutions.

The second part of this report will cover the potential as a Resource and provides a recommendation for ERP acquisition. It will also identify, after all the information is integrated on the LG structure, what will change inside the organization, such as processes, creation of new roles and cultural challenges.

Finally, the last part of this report provides advice for a successful implementation. Will be evaluated the main issues that can occur before, during and after implementing an ERP System, assuming the board will take a decision to go forward with this Solution.

This report also aims to be used as a tool to help the board consider different options for a way forward.

Critically evaluate how information Resources might provide the organization with a source of sustainable competitive advantage?

Today the world is changing very fast, we live in a place where the environment is always changing, the competition is strong and there’s no place to discard business opportunities. Several organizations across the world have realized that to deal with this environment to increase business they need an ERP System (Enterprise Resource Planning).

Some companies believe they can justify the development of an...