Good Habits with Old Habits

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Good Habits
aged members of the family. Washing their hands and gargling after meals is also a very good habit, as it will help them fight bad odour throughout life. Cleanliness
Reading Books Is a Good Habit
READING BOOKS IS A GOOD HABIT Books record what wise men have heard, seen, thought or discovered. The eternal truths are recorded in good books. They instruct us
Good Habits
clothes, combing your hair etc., which help a man to look neat and healthy. A walk in the morning is a good habit for old men. The needs of society develop in men
My Good Habit
A solid spiritual life will serve you well. Good habits developed now will last a lifetime! These are good habits you want to set in concrete now. The quicker

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* Amanda Seeley

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4 March 2011

Final Narration Essay

On average McDonalds serves about a thousand customers a day. They have over thirty thousand restaurants in one hundred and eighteen countries. Every American has probably at one time or another eaten at McDonalds or has at least heard of the mega fast food chain. For decades, Americans have enjoyed their array of menu items, from the dollar menu items, to the Big Mac burgers they sell too. Before I started to work at this fast food chain; I thought with McDonalds being such a big fast food chain that they must run a clean and sanitary restaurant, while providing customers with a quick and easy way to get food without spending too much out of pocket. Working at McDonalds has changed my views on how sanitary and clean, this fast-food chain is forever.

While working at McDonalds I noticed many things that looked wrong, but I said nothing. Three years ago when I first started to work there, I just thought that it was the way a store was run. I noticed that the towels that are used to wipe surfaces, we put in buckets with sanitizer solution and warm water, in the morning, and they would sit there all day in the same water and solution. Another problem was that ventilation hood atop grill that we used for cooking the burgers and chicken were encrusted with brown and oozed grease, making it so that restaurant walls were pasted in grease. I also noticed that we would serve food well beyond the “expired” times. In the restaurant there are UHC’s or universal holding cabinets in which you put the meat after you cook it to keep it warm; they also have timers on them to help ensure that the meat is not growing bacteria. We would serve the meat even though that timer has gone off. Another issue was cross contamination occurred when making the sandwich on the table. Many of days the onions would combine with the pickles and the dehydrated onions would get into the shredded lettuce too...

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