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General Objectives:

To get familiarize with different measuring tools, for example, ruler, measuring cup, measure tape, to know the techniques for measurement of different object’s volumes, and to calculate experimental error through various measurements and research.

Required equipment/tools: 

1) Westcott 18 inch ruler with graduations in 1/16 of an inch on English side and in millimeters in metric side.

2) A 48 inch long ruler with graduations in 1/16th of an inch on English side and centimeter in metric side.

3) 5 meter Stanley measure tape with graduations in 1/16th of an inch in English side and millimeter in metric side.

4) Accu-pour measuring cup measuring cups with maximum 8 ounce in English side and 250 milliliter in metric side with graduations in 1/16th of milliliter in metric side.

5) 1 liter unopened full transparent soda bottle,

6) 1 liter empty transparent soda bottle

Prelab requirements: 

* Describe the construction, operation of and uses for a micrometer and Vernier calipers:

* Micrometer: It is an instrument to measure very small distances.

Construction: Parts- frame, anvil, locknut, barrel, spindle, spindle thimble, screw and ratchet cap.

Micrometer has u shaped frame. It has a screw which revolves in a fixed nut. The end of screw forms an anvil. The spindle can be moved forward or backward by rotating thimble. Thimble has 50 equal rotations on circumference. Barrel is a fixed part attaches one side with frame and other side with the thimble. Spindle is a sliding piece which fits into barrel. A lock nut is provided to fix the spindle. A ratchet is attached at the end of thimble to give equal amount of pressure during measurement.

Operations: It works on screw and nut mechanisms. The thimble should be rotated to move the spindle until it touches the object to be measured. A ratchet should be adjusted to give uniform pressure to object. Then locknut should be tightened to fix the spindle...

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