Coke and Pepsi India

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Coke And Pepsi Learn To Compete In India
understanding of the social and cultural environment of India that made the marketing campaigns of both Coke and Pepsi successful, it included: • Bollywood stars in
Case Study: Coke And Pepsi In India:
Case Study: Coke and Pepsi in India: Coca-Cola controlled the Indian market until 1977, when the Janata Party beat the Congress Party of then Prime Minister
Coke And Pepsi Learn To Compete In India
Coke and Pepsi Learn To Compete in India 1. The political environment in India has proven to be critical to company performance for both PepsiCo and Coca-Cola
Coke And Pepsi In India
with Coke while Pepsi struggled. 3. Pepsi and CocaCola companies created promotional activities that aligned with sporting events and festivals in India, they

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|Coke and Pepsi Learn to Compete in India |

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