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Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is one of today’s most successful entrepreneurs with one of the top most successful fashion empires. She can successfully do it all: sing, act, dance, design, and sell (People, 2012). She is considered a valuable commodity and is desired by numerous agencies.

Jessica Simpson’s most successful industry is her fashion empire valued at $1 billion (Lapin, 2012). Her fashion industry is said to be on the same level of designer of that of Michael Kors. Her designs are in over 650 department stores and over 1,000 of her supporters are at her appearances (Lapin, 2012). This volume of fame and money does not happen over night, Jessica Simpson is now being compared to the most successful fashion icons, whether they have died or are still alive. Jessica Simpson has been hired to sell a multitude of things, cupcakes, makeup, clothes, accessories, edible cosmetics, face wash, perfume, weight loss programs, and a myriad of other things. Whatever she signs her name to, because instantly more successful no matter the product. What is the one ‘it’ factor Jessica Simpson has? Sex Appeal, Jessica takes any product and adds an instant sexy appeal to it, and sex sells. George and Michael Belch have also stated that Jessica Simpson was among the top female endorsers in the world (Belch & Belch, 2012). Jessica Simpson has one main component that is key to be a successful endorsement, stopping power. Stopping power is defined as being able to, “Draw attention to advertising messages in a very cluttered media environment” (Belch & Belch, 2012).

Grant McCraken offered a reason and solution to why and how celebrity models gain endorsements. His explanation of celebrity’s effectiveness is based on the celebrity’s effectiveness as being an endorser and the meaning behind it does not only concede to the fact that the celebrity’s integrity and attractiveness have enough backing to make a good endorsement. Jessica Simpson is not quite...