Marketing Mix and Distribution Channels

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In the current market today best value and reliability are words constantly used by consumers especially in the present economic condition. No other automobile brand foreign and domestic can boast value and reliability with their products other than Toyota a company. Since its inception the Toyota imports in the United States is synonymous to Japanese quality and affordability. “I pick Toyota over Ford, General Motors or Dodge due to its reliability , my first car was a 1984 Toyota Corolla passed on by my mother which already had 75,000 miles on it and I drove it for 100,000 more till I sold it for $500 in 1995” (Kekitra Page). As stated earlier even during our economic strife, the war on terrorism, the housing market crash. Toyota has not suffered any setbacks in sales in fact they have been number one in consumer reports every year aside from 2007 when the company fell to fifth overall in ranking in consumer reports (The Truth About Cars). In today’s information age accessibility to consumer data and feedback with almost instantaneous results that can quickly steer the market either up or down depending on how product is rated especially automobiles. J.D. Power and associate a company with researchers, analyst and statistician stated “Toyota Motor Corporation continues to perform well in long-term dependability and garners eight segment awards—more than any other automaker in 2012” these outstanding reviews will more than likely boost Toyota product sales upwards. As stated earlier, in today’s economic challenges more and more consumers are likely to perform their own market researches prior to committing their hard earned dollars in purchasing costly products such as an automobile through real time data, consumer reports, third party analysis, and statistics that assist guiding them into selecting quality product like Toyota automobiles . In comparison to Professor Fournier’s data analysis on a Jean a 51 year old housewife that values reliability as...