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After many challenges and years of experience Abul Khair steel becomes an icon of steel products in Bangladesh. The company started serving the market, supplying import product from the year 1972 and became the largest player in supply of plain/corrugated galvanized steel sheets in Bangladesh by 1993. During this time the company set up four sheet to sheet galvanzing lines imported from Japan. The CR steel coils were imported to produce galvanized sheets.

In view of growing domestic demand and to make product of International quality standard, the company became pioneer in setting up state of the art manufacturing facilities for cold rolled steel sheet coils and continues coil galvanizing in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Today the CR coils & Galvanized Steel Coils / Sheets are exported to 19 countries.

After many challenges and years of experience Abul Khair steel is the pioneer industry in steel products in Bangladesh. Since 1972 this firm has started its basic activity to fulfill the customers need by the imported product.


The key to success of our market dominance definitely depends, among a few factors, on a high performing marketing team. Headed by the Managing Director , this team is attuned to get hold of the opportunities in the market far before our competitors can target. A well crafted marketing structure and a close supervision ensures the focus on the decision crystal ball. We can claim with confidence, of having a strong market information system that help us to be at the edge over our competitors. Likewise, our product mix consists of the highest number of thickness with standard weight. We are the first to claim the ISO-9001 :2000 certification . Our dedicated customer care team persistently endeavors to be in touch with the end user, to understand their satisfaction even to apprehend any complaint and take necessary action to resolve any issues instantaneously.



Abul Khair Steel has...