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Our analysis of the 3M case will consist of each of the five members of our group discussing certain aspects of the 3M Company along with the internal and external aspects of the business environment surrounding 3M.

The first speaker will be Burcu, who will discuss the history, development, and growth of the company throughout its active time. For example, a slide dedicated to 3M’s founding, initial products, and development of marketing decisions will be included. This portion of the presentation will also include many quantitative data pieces, including past and present inventory turnover rates, financial ratios, stock price growth, and any history of financial issues 3M may have had. These facts will be related to the sales of the company, with an analysis of the balance sheet and income statements.

Katherine will be the next presenter, discussing the internal and external environment of 3M, including the SWOT analysis. One slide will give an overview of the SWOT analysis, while later slides will go into future detail; for example, the strengths slide will list 3M’s diversified products, opportunities for R&D, six sigma strategies, and technical forums as strengths that help the 3M Corporation. There will be slides for each of the SWOT components, as well as further analysis of companies that compete with 3M, such as Johnson & Johnson, Bostik, Inc., and Sika AG. A discussion about the environment of the products 3M sells and their contribution to an oligopoly with some products and monopolistic competition with others will also be included.

Zao will continue our presentation with a discussion of the kind of corporate-level strategy the company is pursuing, as well as its mission and goals. One slide will give an overview of their key areas of strength, including market leadership, technical innovation, customers focus, global reach, and employee initiative. His slides will also discuss the acquisition and restructuring strategies of 3M...