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The reflect journal discuss the important of healthcare environment substantially in Maryland. Since healthcare is dynamic component for Maryland economy, the healthcare environmental facilities and worksite are facing a treat from the impact of economic, social and energy consumption.

The healthcare energy utilities such as water usage, material purchase, wastage and chemical toxicity have to be effectively managed and must be use properly. Healthcare providers in Maryland need to create moral principled for good environment especially in the hospitals. The moral expect is to meet the standard for public policy to contain the impact of energy utilization in healthcare organization. The principle type is to form a relationship with healthcare organization which can managed wastage and energy consumption. Thus principles would sustain health care environments, for example, hospital purchase materials that have not been used for five years are waste of money and resources. The hospitals bags that have been expire and continued to use in healthcare facilities have impact in employee health. According to many studies explain that employee who work in healthcare facilities such as nurse is like to develop heart disease, due to the environment that they work. Therefore, it is important to provide and ensure good environment within healthcare organization (Mitchell, 2012).

The public and private sector need to collaborate in order to meet this challenge. The frameworks have to be in resources management which promotes green energy. The green energy resource is important in healthcare facilities, because it would help to prevent chemical toxicities in hospitals, which affects employee health. In addition, it would reduce wastage and hence cost containment for healthcare organization. However, the Maryland health care management system has to engage in strong operational managing and promote efficiency in their work place, in order achieves green...

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