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push traffic levels past 3 million searches per day. Clearly, Google had evolved. What had been a college research project was now a real company offering a service
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is slightly lower when comparing net profit margins. For fiscal year end 2004, Google reported a net profit margin of 12.52%, slightly lower than the industry's 13
The History Of Google
box. The 2001 search engine watch awards ( which was announced in febuary 2002) awarded google top honors for outstanding search service, best image search engine
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companies mission to organize immense amounts of information available on the web(Google, 1). In 1995 Google was created by two young men, Larry Page and Sergey Brin

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By: Marco Navarro

The Internet is one (if not) the biggest fastest forms of communication we use in this world.  It's used to connect people to one another from any point on the earth.  The Internet also consist of a large number of search engines in the world.  Each search engine can look up and find about anything you are looking for. One of the biggest search engines today is Google was founding by Larry Page and Sergey Brin where they both attended college at Stanford University. During the month of January of 1996 Larry Page and Sergey Brin began to work on a search engine. They named their first search engine Backrub. Both Larry Page and Sergey Brin kept working to make their technology as perfect as they could for the first half of 1998. They built their own computer center in Larry's Page's dorm room. The computer center in Pages room actually later became Google's first data center.

Problem/Issue Identification –

The online ad industry will be greatly affected by technological advances to the Internet. Google must continue to be forward thinking and craft its strategy to address emerging trends. Three such trends are transition away from the traditional operating system toward an Internet-based operating system. Programs are most commonly installed on a PC’s operating system and files saved to its hard drive; however, the number of programs available online is increasing, and soon more individuals will save files online in data warehouses. (2) As the Internet becomes more prevalent, consumers are also demanding access via mobile devices such as smart phones and mp3 players. (3) Additionally, Internet growth in emerging markets, most notably India and China.

Google maintains a great work culture that makes it very attractive, convenient and a lovely place to work. It has a relax and serene atmosphere where all kinds of people from different ethnic backgrounds can work. There is a sense of we-togetherness amongst the staff....

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