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Naoki Kameda, (2005), “A research paradigm for international business communication”. Corporate Communications: An International Journal, 10(2) 168-182


* The article covers the importance a research paradigm for international business communication with conceptual paper aims to present a research paradigm with special reference to the problem of Japanese corporations. It also describes and explains the obstacle Japanese corporation face in international business as the method used to deal with foster better global management and intercultural communication. Other than that, the article also includes several aspects which tell about the ways to systematize international business communication research for Japanese companies who can develop ways of coping with the communication problem organization.


The article has several objectives;

* To identify systematize international business communication research with reference to Japanese companies especially the problem Japanese corporation.

* To explain and discuss significance and role of international business communication.

* To explain the ways to systematize international business communication.

* To identify the value of intercultural competence for performance of multicultural teams.

* To manage international business communication at workplace.


Writing Style

* The article is academically written, with proper citations included throughout the content.

* There is also a list of reference in bibliographic format at the end of the article.

* This is a viewpoint article, which means the article is written through the author’s point of view with reference to other academic works....