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People need to spend less on clothes and other things

What is the world coming to? Spending so much money on clothes, cars, foods, and toys just for brand names and designer labels has become common thing for a lot of things. I think that paying a lot of money for a designer label is kind of ridiculous. People should spend less on everyday items.

Some people buy things just for the label. I mean, sure some of the stuff looks nice and all, but all that money could go other things. For example a pair of designer jeans can cost over 200 dollars. That money could go toward something more important like a college fund, or gas for your car. People also like to buy for status symbols. Girls will buy brand name purses just for the name so other people will think “hmm that girl must have a lot of money if she can afford an expensive purse like that.” My dad worked in a lawyer office as a secretary, he was telling one of the lawyers there how nice his Subaru was. This lawyer went out to look at a Subaru and wouldn’t buy it because it didn’t cost enough. That is not a good thing.

Some of the most cost effective places to shop are thrift stores. People don’t like to shop at thrift stores due to the fact that the clothes found in them are used. You can go into a thrift store and find name brand clothes, like old navy jeans for five dollars or less, or London Fog jackets for ten dollars or less. I buy my clothes at thrift stores and on sale at Wal-mart, Gabriel Brothers, Ollie's, ect.. If I liked designer labels I would buy them at thrift stores to save money. I also buy a lot of my shoes at thrift stores. You can get a pair of good, quality shoes with a brand like Nike, or Reebok for anywhere between five and seven dollars compared to the high cost brand new.

I also mentioned the stores where you can buy items cheap above, Wal-mart, Gabriel Brothers, Ollie's, ect. They sell not only name brand things, but also off brands which generally sell for fractions of the...

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