What Are the Ingredients of a Viable Society? (Lotf)

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What are the ingredients of a viable society?

William Golding uses symbolism and allegory to represent conflict of civilization and savagery in order to show how it affected the boys on the island. Humans are part of society and as long as humans exist, so will communities and civilizations. Every person is different and has own opinion, so there will be constant disagreements and arguments between each other, which are unavoidable. In order for society to work and exist, it must follow rules and moral commands; “Lord of Flies” is an allegory of our society now. Rules is what prevents the savagery and chaos, it allows society to exist instead of destroying itself. Every government has a leader, who controls the society and keeps the balance between civilization and savagery. He tries to make the society viable, but there are some things needed to be sacrificed and it doesn’t end up the best way sometimes. There are different versions of control and views on how the society should be ruled; as for example in novel Ralph preferred the idea of democracy and giving the right to speak, while Jack was going for brutal and violent control of the society, although Jack’s society was more viable. Which makes you confused, as does it mean that society should be controlled by dictatorship, violence and fear or democracy, rules and peacefulness?

William Golding represents his main ideas through symbolic characters; he signifies the conflict between civilization and savagery in conflict between Ralph and Jack, two main characters of the novel. Ralph represents leadership, civilization, while Jack represents savagery, desire for leadership and power. The conflict of those two was tearing the society apart, because it was hard to combine living by rules and following morals with acting aggressively and not caring about others desires. Which is why, later the boys split into two tribes. People join the tribes, groups, etc. depending on their beliefs and interests, which is what...