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Watercooler Assingment Week 2

MMBA-6520-1 Business Operations in the US and Abroad

Instructor: Dr. Bruce Huang

Raquel Cade

May 10, 2011

Walden University

Name:  Raquel Cade

Date: 5/10/2011

APA Citation of the source: Engardio, P., Kripa;ani, M. & Webb (2001). SMART GLOBALIZATION. Business Week, Issue 3746, 132-136. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.

Part 1: A synopsis of the Article:

This article discussed the expansion of a few United States corporations, in particular was Whirlpool and how they marketed in India. In this article the author discusses how they took the smart approach to globalization in which they appealed to culture of India and their love of white clothes and how white stands for purity with the Indian consumers.

In addition, this article also discussed how additional companies have tried to globalize and failed because they went in with the mind set of conquer and make a profit, which is not the smart way to globalize in poor nations, in actuality you should start off by building relationships with the local consumers.

Part 2: An Analysis based on the course topic of Business Operations in the US and Abroad:

This article relates to the course content because it covered the correct and wrong way to globalize companies and how choices affect business operations abroad. Is article was interesting because it showed how Whirlpool Corporation appealed to the Indian consumer’s culture differences with the consumer’s in western world by make slight differences to their equipment based on the location. This article also discussed how different corporations from the United States committed the dreaded blunder because they did not prepare for the cultures of poorer nations.

The topic covered in this article is just one example of how if globalization is done correctly it can be successful if you study your consumer, your consumer’s culture and the locality in the poorer nations. This article also highlighted some blunders that other...