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Jessica Ridl

Unit 6 Project

PS 345-01


I was asked to conduct an interview of a parent of child between the ages of 2 and 4.5 years old. Then I need to explain to the parent how the child fits brown’s stages of language development. For the purpose of this interview, I interviewed my sister in law, in regards to my niece. In this paper I will explain brown’s stages as I did to her, and explain how the child is in each stage.

The child I conducted the interview about is 2.5 years old and her name is Sarah. She seems to be developing as far as language goes quite well. Her mother does not have any language delay concerns for Sarah. Sarah has been raised in a two parent household her entire life, and her primary caregiver is her mother. Sarah’s mother was able to answer questions about her background so I am able to start talking about Sarah from Stage 1 and got through Stage 2.

Sarah’s mom recalls Sarah making her first baby talk noises around three months of age. She recalls her being able to state actual works, like mama or da da around 6 months of age. At 18 months is around the time that she recalls her starting to use one word phrases along with gestures.

Brown’s first stage of development occurs when I child uses “single-word utterances”. Stage 1 of Brown’s theory starts, at around 18 months (Shulman, B, & Capone, N, 2010). Sarah’s mom remembers her saying mommy up. I explained to Sarah’s mom that at this stage “the child is beginning to make word associations that convey meaningful information about the world around them” (Shulman, B, & Capone, N, 2010). This is the first stage where a child is making an effort to communicate with their caregiver about their needs and to get attention. When Sarah would say “Mommy up” Sarah is ordering her words as if Mommy is performing the action of picking her up. Some of the other phrases Sarah was able to use around this age are “bye bye mom”, and “no more”. In this stage the only way Sarah...