Steps in the Medical Billing Process

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Assignment: Steps in the Medical Billing Process

HCR/220 Claims Preparation I: Clean Bills of Health

November 10, 2012

Pre-register patients:

• The first step is to pre-register the patient by obtaining their contact and insurance information. The scheduler will take general information such as the patient’s name, address, contact number, and reason for the visit. Basic insurance information is taken if the patient is insured.

• If the appointment is made by phone, the scheduler will provide the date and time of appointment based on the nature of ailment or complaint.

Establish financial responsibility for visits:

• The second step is to establish financial responsibilities. When the patient checks in, they will be asked for their insurance card and the information will be entered into the computer. The scheduler will check the health plan’s coverage and verify the patient’s eligibility for their health plan. The co-payment is determined and collected before seeing the physician. If the patient has no insurance, they are responsible for paying the entire bill.

Check-In patients:

• The third step involves patient check-in. This process begins by having the patient sign in upon their arrival. A new patient will be asked to complete forms that include personal information and insurance information if applicable. The scheduler will make copies of their identification and insurance card. This information will then be entered into the computer and a file is generated. Returning patients will be asked if all their information remains correct, such as address, phone number, and insurance information. Once this is completed the co-pay will be collected.

Check-Out patients:

• The fourth step is to take the patient through the check-out process which entails giving them their prescriptions, lab slips, and referral paperwork if needed. A follow-up appointment is made if the patient is requires a return visit.


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