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Calayan Educational Foundation Inc.

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Ms. Maria Donna D. Cosejo



The development of vocal music

General aims of the vocal program

* The purpose of the vocal music for the child in the elementary levels, high school, or college are:

1. To give every learner the best use of his singing voice

2. To develop a sense of pleasure in song as a means of self-expression

3. To develop appreciation of beautiful singing with reference to intonation, tone quality, diction and interpretation.

4. To build a rich song repertoire appropriate to expanding musical power and taste

5. To cultivate the power of careful, sensitive, aural attention as an important factor in all vocal performances

6. To furnish through accompaniments an experience richer than that afforded by the singing of the class

7. To develop a rhythmic sensitivity or awareness as a result of free or directed physical response to music heard

* To provide the musical skills as well as actual song materials which will enable the learner to interpret musically many of the units of work upon which he is engaged in the integrated program.

* To make available those technique which make possible an independent approach to new music

* To encourage the singing at home of songs learned in school

* To provide increase opportunity for participation in singing in larger groups in school and community.

The child voice

* Little children should always sing with the head voice and it is the task of the kindergarten and primary teachers to fin this quality

* When singing above C, third apace, children singing with flute- like tone and

* The tone should be free natural and of a light quality and never pushed or strained

* Naturally , children who for any reason are retarded should be given individual...

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