Dyson, Hoover and the Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Case

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1. Dyson, Hoover and the bagless vacuum cleaner [Trott, pp. 467-475]

Summary of the Case

* All About Vacuum Cleaner.

* Problems of old model Vacuum Cleaner.

* Dyson took the initiative.

* Introduce Bag less Vacuum Cleaner.

* Offered the design to the int. marketers but turn him down.

* Got the success on 1992 for some reasons:

* It is made of modern tools that are applied for manufacturing its suction pipes. As a result it goes to the core and cleans dust particles.

* Most eye catching and stylish design.

* There is no need of buying vacuum bags.

* The filters are washable and will never get destroyed by the effect of water.

* The dusts that are exhausted are anti-allergic.

* Its updated ball bearing activity helps to move the suction pipe more swiftly and in all direction.

Q: 1

How can businesses try to ensure that heir senior managers (both buyers and new business development managers) do not dismiss exciting technology and with it potentially profitable business?

Ans: 1

* Senior managers of new business development have the ability to detect exciting technologies and always concern about the new business opportunities.

* Opportunity identification comes from different sources like existing products, individuals, brainstorming, customers, vendors, unexploited patent and technology.

* Managers can use competitive intelligence for their long and short term plans. Senior managers also collect information from media and patent office about new technology.

* They can take effective decision about the exciting technology by analyzing information through NPD process.

Q: 2

How can governments try to assist inventors like Dyson and ensure that more innovations succeed in their country, thereby developing their economic base?

Ans: 2

* Dyson did not get any help from the government that is government refused his proposal for grant and did not lend him money.

* Dyson did...