Technology Advancement

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Technology Advancement

Natasha Johnson



Professor Lawerence Daly

Traditional technology has evolved from its simplest form in the last five to ten years into a rapid and up- graded form. With the evolvement, many great things were created such as color and high definition television, the internet and smartphones. Technology has changed drastically over the past decade; technology has advanced in so many forms that play a major role in today’s economic development.

People generally do not understand the concept of what technology is and how it connects to our lives and purposes. Traditional technology is an important part of the American culture, before all of the upgrades and advancements, technology was very simple. For example, televisions, televisions were bulky and placed in a big wooden box as decoration. Many households in the mid 1960’s and 70’s only had one television in the home in the family or living room. The pictures on the televisions were black and white, that all changed in 1954, when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved color television systems. The birth of the Internet on September 2, 1969 took the world by surprise with all of its capabilities. Dial- up Internet was introduced the late 1980’s, followed by WWW in 1991. In the last 25 years, the Internet has had many interesting additions feature wise such as HTML, e-mail and file transfers. The Internet evolved so much in the last 5 to 10 years that it has gained the attention of technology lovers all over the world. The first laptop ever created was by Adam Osborne in 1981, it was called the “Osborne I”, the price was 1795.00, and the screens were 5 to 7 inches in length. The new day laptop is a lot cheaper and triples the size of the traditional laptop, now available in 14 to 20 inches. The newer day laptops also have many upgraded functionalities than the traditional laptop. As Technology advanced, many things happened over the years, 1970 - e-mail...