Market Plan

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Management and Ownership

Management Staff Structure

The above chart depicts the current management of the German Market. Initially each owner has an equal amount of ownership within the company.

Management Summary

German Market LLC is a small business with three owners. One of the owners (Jobelle Bryden) will be the manager for the store until it is determined we need to hire additional staff. The other owners will maintain outside jobs, help out when needed in the store, and do the administrative tasks.

Owner/Manager (Brant Huff): Deli Manager

* Manages deli

* Works with Merchandise Manager

* Does hiring

* Order deli items

Owner/Manager (Jobelle Bryden): Merchandise Manager

* Makes merchandise decisions

* Works with Deli Manager

* Orders Merchandise

* Does marketing/promotions

Owner/Manager (Ronald Loebel): Book Keeper/Administrator

* Keeps books

* Pays taxes

* Does payroll

* Helps with store operations when necessary

Owner/Manager (Ronald Loebel): Web Master/Support

* Manages website

* Helps with store operations when necessary

Each of the three initial owners is currently students in Park University under the Masters Business Administration Program as well as well established individuals within the community.

Sales and Pricing

Strategy and Implementation Summary

Our strategy will exploit our advantages over the competition (location, convenience, and high quality) with carefully-tracked milestones for growth.


Initial marketing efforts for opening will be geared towards generating name recognition and making a clear distinction between German Market LLC and other local competitors. Follow-up marketing programs will encourage repeat visits and assist customers in the understanding, appreciation, and preparation of our products.

Sales and Pricing

We will gear prices towards our competitors in the nearest cities and online, with a small "convenience" increase for offering...

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