Life After Death by Powerpoint

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Life after Death by Powerpoint

As part of the modern era, the use of technology is really evident in our daily lives especially in the aspect of learning. An example of this is shown in classroom discussions when most of the professors or teachers already use powerpoint presentations in conducting their everyday lessons. In addition to that, students also prefer to use powerpoint in accomplishing their group or individual presentation because powerpoint is a user-friendly software. However, even though, powerpoint is widely used nowadays, there are still some information that we might think that we already knew but the truth is we sometimes overlook them and commit some errors because of ignorance.

Meanwhile, by watching Life after Death by Powerpoint, it made me realized many things about making a powerpoint presentation. First is we should limit the words that we are putting in every slide. We should not put all the things that that we’re going to say in our presentation. It will look crowded and boring. Most of the time, because of our laziness, we tend to just copy paste everything which is an awful idea. Second, in putting some effects in our presentation, we should not make the words in motion because it will create some confusion. Can you imagine a presentation which all the words are moving in different places and you’re trying to read them? For me, if that’s going to happen to me, I will just close my eyes and just listen to the speaker. I will not force myself in understanding that texts because they will just make my eyes hurt. The use of effects in powerpoint is really important in creating a proper presentation. I also realized that in creating presentations, the font size really matters. If the font size is too small, it will be very useless because it can’t be read by the people at the back. Meanwhile if the font is too big, the words might overlap with each other which may cause to difficulty in reading them. I also learned in the video that...