Professional Values and Ethics Paper

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Professional Values and Ethics Paper

When you define professional values and ethics we first have to look at what is the definition of values and ethics. According to the Webster dictionary the values are mainly what we stand for which would include family, job, and a group of beliefs that we learn from other individuals through out our lives. The definition of ethics is the principals of conduct governing an individual or a group (professional ethics) the discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation. Since we have defined the different between the two topics this will help influence your career choices and success significantly.

The first part of is to understand why professional values are important in day to day life and the reason that it is so important is that it is part of our life which is imbibed when we take the first step into a profession. (ex: going to your first job interview or working in your field) Professional values and ethics are choices that we make to help us determine our actions and conduct in any given profession. The rules are normally in a manner in which help us determine right from wrong while working in our profession. When it comes to professional values we realize that it comes with a list of things which are important, ethics guides us and drives our sense of what is right or wrong within each given professional value. An example – A professional value of a judge he can be impartiality, integrity, honesty, etc. Within these values there are things which are right and there are things which are wrong. The professional values would help a Judge determine what Values and Ethics that will constitute part of our professional life in which the moment we take our first step in any given profession.

Secondly would what to look at how we live with these professional values in our lives today in society. When it comes to these values and ethics it is all about spending time on things which...