Personal Responsibility

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Personal Responsibility

Gen 200

November 12, 2012

Donna Cooper

Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility, in my opinion, means taking ownership of oneself and ones actions. Accepting all things taking place in one’s life as a result of actions taken (or not taken) previously or presently. Understanding personal responsibility is a major sign in the transformation from a teenager to an early adult but can be understood and accepted earlier in life if taught and implemented. One of the main differences between success and failure is the understanding and implementing of personal responsibility. People whom seek control of their lives soon find personal responsibility while searching. Either way it is found, Personal Responsibility comes when the truth is brought to the light. Dave Ellis (2011) said “Tell the truth about who you are and what you want. End of discussion”

Typically in America a person learns of personal responsibility after leaving the comfort of their parents’ house, usually this happens when leaving high school and going to college. Advanced recognition of personal responsibility is seen in examples of children who must raise themselves or others. An example of this is an under aged girl who gets pregnant early in life and now must learn how to survive not just for herself but her child as well. This is more of a stressful example but usually stressful examples are the most profound. Also successful people usually find success because they are aware of their control of their lives. They do not look at how many times they try and fail, instead they evaluate what they have done that could be better and attempt again until the desired result is reached. It is my belief that this is because of the understanding and implementation of personal responsibility.

Acknowledging and recognizing the want for a feeling of control over one’s life is crucial for change. Attitude must be converted from a blamer to an admitter: Instead of...