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Report of Feasibility Study Update on BUILD Project By Michael Lim M.H. 1. Introduction A visit to Dumaguete was made from October 24-28, 2009 to review and update the feasibility study for the BUILD UU Philippines project that was first undertaken in 2005. This study update was conducted by Dr. Michael Lim M.H. and Mr. Stephen S. Santos. We interviewed and met with the following people during the trip. St. Paul University of Dumaguete (SPUD) 1. Mr. Ysola, the Registra 2. The Dormitory Assistant Administrator Siliman University (SU) 1. Dr. Ben Malayang, the President 2. The Registra 3. The Dormitory Assistant Administrator Mr. Roy Villapando, author of first feasibility study We visited the following dormitories 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. SPUD dormitory (within campus) – 36 rooms 172 beds SU dormitory (within campus) – 10 dormitories – 870 beds Emerald Apartments (walking distance from SU) – 30 rooms – 100 beds Blue House Apartments (700m from SU) – 15 rooms – 60 beds St. Catherine Dormitory (200m from SPUD) – 10 rooms – 40 beds Sto Nino Apartments (200m from SPUD) – 15 rooms – 60 beds Private House (100m from SPUD) – 2 rooms – 4 beds

2. General Information on Educational Institutions in Dumaguete Dumaguete is mainly a university town with 4 universities (SU, SPUD, Foundation University (FU)) and four major colleges. UUCP is located 400m from SPUD and about 2 km from SU. SU has 8,500 students of which 6,500 are college students (the rest are high and grade school students). Of its total college student population, about 4500 (70%) are from out of town and only 20% of these (900) stay in the SU dormitories; the other 80% stay outside in apartments and houses in less than satisfactory condition. The same situation is found in SPUD that has 2,600 students of which 1850 are college students and the rest high and grade school students. Again about 70% of students are from outside Dumaguete. SUPD dormitory serves only about 20% of the out-of-town students (180).