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The Marketing Environment for Apple, the Producer of the iPhone 5.


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Executive Summary:

This report will analyse and discuss the most important elements of the Marketing Environment: Macroenvironment, Microenvironment and the Internal Environment; in relation to Apple Ltd and the iPhone 5 Smartphone.

The aim is to demonstrate that the iPhone 5 will be a success in the UK, with discussion of Appleā€™s achievement as a company and the iPhone 5 product in particular.

There will be a range of methods used including academic journals and reports, newspaper articles, the Introduction to Marketing textbook.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Method

3. Analysis and Interpretation

i. Macro-environement

ii. Micro-environment

iii. Internal Environment

4. Conclusion

5. Recommendations

6. References

7. Appendices

1. Introduction

My report is on the iPhone 5, Apples stunning new model of Smartphone. It was launched on the 21st September 2012 and has been a renowned success with sales in California reaching over 5 million just three days after it was launched (Apple, 2012).

There will be analysis of the impact the Marketing Environment has on the iPhone 5 and its producer Apple. There will be particular attention to the Macro-environment, Micro-environment and the Internal Environment. This report will demonstrate that the iPhone 5 will be a success in the UK.

2. Method

Information within my report was collected from a range of sources including: Academic journals and reports, the Introduction to Marketing textbook, online newspaper articles and the Apple website.

3. Analysis and interpretation

The marketing environment consists of three main areas: Marco-environment, Micro-environment and the...

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