Health Care Philosophy

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Health Care Philosophy

I believe we all as human deserve the best health care service we can receive, as we are all human and equal. We all deserve the same share as the wealthy people to quality health care. Quality health service should be a fundamental right and we should all have access to it whenever it is needed at a reasonable price too. Both the old and young, the rich and poor, both genders should have access to quality health care regardless of their race, nationality, background or culture. Even though our body naturally fights diseases, we as human still need to seek medical attentions to keep the illness antibodies in us active in other to keep fighting sicknesses and diseases in us. At some point in time, someone can fall sick due to lack of some essential nutrients needed by his or her system to function right, and at this point, one needs medical attention to support them get well and stay healthy. As we know that the cost of treatments and drugs has sky rocketed in the past years, making it difficult for citizens to get proper treatment and medications for their illness. They government can regulate the price to a minimum amount that would be affordable by everyone for the well being of the citizens. If only the government can cut back on foreign expenses and on the ridiculous amounts they spend of war yearly, and use it to sponsor free healthcare across the nation. By so doing, the poor citizens can receive adequate and quality treatment and in return could increase the number of labor force, which with the availability of jobs and infrastructures, could be used to develop the nation. Health insurance companies are only making the situation worse. They charge ridiculous amounts plus a huge deductible. America being a capitalist country encourages this, which basically shift the poor citizens down the curve. If you cannot afford to pay out of pocket to receive quality care for yourself and loved ones and insurance companies are based on...